Staying the Course: Resilience

Recently one of my clients, the president of a company about to introduce a product to market that’s taken more than five years and hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and certify, was talking with one of the company’s board members, who, before he retired, successfully led a similar effort. My client asked hisContinue reading “Staying the Course: Resilience”

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Manage Your Stress Behavior

My business causes me to work with hundreds of people every year. I’m typically at a company for nine to twelve months, usually during periods of high stress. (Management consultants are brought in to make change.) As a result, I’ve had the chance to observe the stress behaviors of people on every rung of theContinue reading “Setting Yourself Up for Success: Manage Your Stress Behavior”

Setting Yourself Up for Success: What Interests Your Customers?

I once heard someone say, “That which interests my customers, fascinates the heck out of me.” What interests your customers? More importantly, what does your product or service provide for your customers and why would they buy it from you. Is your product a commodity, something that can be readily purchased from many suppliers? ThenContinue reading “Setting Yourself Up for Success: What Interests Your Customers?”

Increasing Your Revenue: Expand Your Market

Yesterday my business colleague and friend gave me some great ideas on no or low cost ways of expanding my market reach. Her husband and a partner opened a small business about ten years ago that’s grown into a successful enterprise.   They started out by installing liners in the beds of pick-up trucks for truckContinue reading “Increasing Your Revenue: Expand Your Market”

Increasing Your Revenue: Building a Consortium

If the first few years as a solo entrepreneur teaches you anything it’s that you can’t do it all at once. When you’re calling on potential clients or pitching your products you’re focused on making the sale. With that focus you can’t be actually delivering a service or producing more of your product. It justContinue reading “Increasing Your Revenue: Building a Consortium”