Leveraging Our Network: Referrals

Referring someone for a position is an opportunity to assist not only them, but another member of our network who’s looking for a person with that specific set of skills, talents, and knowledge. It goes without saying, however, that referring someone or a company when we have reservations about their ability to succeed can notContinue reading “Leveraging Our Network: Referrals”

Finding Balance and Focus – Negotiating Change to Our Personal and Professional Commitments

The proportion of time and focus needed by our professional and personal lives changes over time, whether it is due to a sentinel event, such as a promotion, the season, an addition to our family, or something unexpected such as an illness. Often we try to continue to meet the commitments they made, while tryingContinue reading “Finding Balance and Focus – Negotiating Change to Our Personal and Professional Commitments”

Finding Balance and Focus – Contingency Planning

When we have other people dependent upon us in our personal lives, such as children, a significant other, or aging parents, it’s essential we develop contingency plans in case we’re not available, whether it’s for an afternoon or permanently.    This includes planning for every type of contingency that can occur, thinking through and writing downContinue reading “Finding Balance and Focus – Contingency Planning”

Finding Balance and Focus – Dependability Planning

When asked to describe a colleague or friend have you noticed how often “dependable” is an attribute you mention?  I don’t think I’m alone in saying, if someone is not dependable there’s a low probability they are still a close friend or colleague. Dependability isn’t an inherent trait.  It’s one we learn, often through payingContinue reading “Finding Balance and Focus – Dependability Planning”

Achieving the Stated Purpose and Driving Results

We all know the tools and practices that, when used, make meetings effective; however, when we’re meeting with the same people day after day and year after year, the overhead associated with preparing for and following up on every meeting can feel like wasted time. However, as someone who’s made a living coaching executive teamsContinue reading “Achieving the Stated Purpose and Driving Results”