Increasing Your Revenue: Leverage Your Assets to Expand Your Product and Service Offering

One of the toughest start-up challenges is growing your business to the stage where you can cover both your business expenses and a comfortable salary.   Regardless of what business you’re in, there’s typically an opportunity to leverage your current assets. My hairdresser and friend, Lauri, has successfully run her hairdressing business for almost twenty years. […]

Increasing Your Revenue: Building a Consortium

If the first few years as a solo entrepreneur teaches you anything it’s that you can’t do it all at once. When you’re calling on potential clients or pitching your products you’re focused on making the sale. With that focus you can’t be actually delivering a service or producing more of your product. It just […]

Setting Yourself Up for Success: The Frugal Entrepreneur

Put away that credit card Matilda! You really don’t need to buy that x*&#$ right now. As part of starting your business you developed a budget. (If you didn’t, do it today.) That budget listed everything you believed you needed to get started. However, after dutifully registering your business the offers and EMAILS started to […]

Setting Yourself Up for Success: You Don’t Need Bad Business

As a small business owner the ability to identify and prevent doing bad business is important. Here are some examples of Bad business: Clients who you have to chase for payment. Clients to whom you deliver the agreed upon service who continually demand additional services prior to payment. Clients or customers to whom you’re providing […]

Learnings from the Management Consultant: If You Have a Question – Ask!

The fourth and final agreement in The Four Agreements, the book by Don Miguel Ruiz that spells out four agreements you make with yourself that, if followed, have a profound effect upon how you live your life and the influence other people have on you is “If you have a question – ask.” When I […]