Focusing Our “Grow the Business” Initiatives: Portfolio Management

Last week we talked about Governance as the first tool to use to align our “Grow the Business Initiatives”. The second tool for optimizing our business is a Portfolio Management Process.  Our portfolio of projects can be thought of just as we think of our financial portfolio.  Part of our portfolio is an investment in ourContinue reading “Focusing Our “Grow the Business” Initiatives: Portfolio Management”

Spending Less than 100% of Our Resources Running the Business

As a management consultant I’ve been told by dozens of executives that they’re too busy and focused on “running the business” to “grow or improve the business”. Failure to cordon off the time and resources necessary to attract additional clients or customers, improve our products and services, or develop and bring new products to marketContinue reading “Spending Less than 100% of Our Resources Running the Business”

Increasing Our Personal Productivity

We’ve all had days when, at the end of the day, we’re driving home with the feeling we’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.   Seize that moment!  That moment of dissatisfaction can serve as the motivation we need to make the changes necessary to increase our personal productivity. When a team of management consultants works with a companyContinue reading “Increasing Our Personal Productivity”

The Executive’s Toolbox: The Personal Compass

Our personal compass is the warning system that signals how congruent our actions are with our principles.  When what we’re doing is incongruent it lets us know we’re on the wrong path. Regardless of where we are on our executive journeys – at the beginning of our career, a CEO of a Fortune 100 company, or anContinue reading “The Executive’s Toolbox: The Personal Compass”

The Executive Toolbox: Executive Presence

Executive presence is that certain something that causes other people to recognize an executive as a leader. It provides the confidence that an individual will be able to perform as an executive. Without it, even extremely competent people can be overlooked for leadership positions. One example that comes to mind is a client I recentlyContinue reading “The Executive Toolbox: Executive Presence”