Setting Yourself Up for Success: What Interests Your Customers?

I once heard someone say, “That which interests my customers, fascinates the heck out of me.” What interests your customers? More importantly, what does your product or service provide for your customers and why would they buy it from you. Is your product a commodity, something that can be readily purchased from many suppliers? Then […]

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Don’t Go Away Angry!

A byproduct of being a management consultant is spending time with dozens of different companies and working with hundreds of people at all organizational levels. At each engagement I have at least one “work with” client I partner with to make change in the organization. A special bond of trust is necessary on both sides […]

Setting Yourself Up for Success: The Frugal Entrepreneur

Put away that credit card Matilda! You really don’t need to buy that x*&#$ right now. As part of starting your business you developed a budget. (If you didn’t, do it today.) That budget listed everything you believed you needed to get started. However, after dutifully registering your business the offers and EMAILS started to […]

Setting Yourself Up for Success: You Don’t Need Bad Business

As a small business owner the ability to identify and prevent doing bad business is important. Here are some examples of Bad business: Clients who you have to chase for payment. Clients to whom you deliver the agreed upon service who continually demand additional services prior to payment. Clients or customers to whom you’re providing […]

Setting Yourself up for Success: Making the Right Decision at the Right Time

There is a natural inclination for new business owners to spend an inordinate amount of time making even simple decisions: What will I name my business? What hours should I be open? Should my logo have two or three colors? Where will I open my business account? Which supplier will I use? At what point […]