Increasing Our Personal Productivity

We’ve all had days when, at the end of the day, we’re driving home with the feeling we’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.   Seize that moment!  That moment of dissatisfaction can serve as the motivation we need to make the changes necessary to increase our personal productivity. When a team of management consultants works with a companyContinue reading “Increasing Our Personal Productivity”

The Executive’s Toolbox: Our Career Vision

A colleague of mine was sharing a story that struck me as one of life’s ironies.  In the days before GPS was available on every phone, he and his wife were travelling cross country.  She was driving and he dozed off.  Upon awakening he asked her how they were doing. She replied, “I don’t knowContinue reading “The Executive’s Toolbox: Our Career Vision”

The Executive’s Toolbox: Executive Appearance

An executive’s appearance, and the importance it has to career progression, is often under-estimated, much to the detriment of many executive careers.  This is regrettable as it’s not tough to master. Even in today’s casual and often virtual environment executive appearance is still so important it’s rare for an executive to be hired without aContinue reading “The Executive’s Toolbox: Executive Appearance”

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Is this REALLY the Business for You?

Have you ever had a business idea you just can’t let go? You day-dream every spare minute of what it would be like to run that business. You picture yourself running that business on a daily basis. You talk to a few people who are in that business and ask them for advice. You finallyContinue reading “Setting Yourself Up for Success: Is this REALLY the Business for You?”

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Manage Your Stress Behavior

My business causes me to work with hundreds of people every year. I’m typically at a company for nine to twelve months, usually during periods of high stress. (Management consultants are brought in to make change.) As a result, I’ve had the chance to observe the stress behaviors of people on every rung of theContinue reading “Setting Yourself Up for Success: Manage Your Stress Behavior”