The Executive’s Toolbox: Executive Appearance

An executive’s appearance, and the importance it has to career progression, is often under-estimated, much to the detriment of many executive careers.  This is regrettable as it’s not tough to master. Even in today’s casual and often virtual environment executive appearance is still so important it’s rare for an executive to be hired without a […]

Learnings from the Management Consultant: Stop Multi-Tasking

New business owners quickly realize that one of their most important assets is their time. Learning to manage how they spend it is important to not only the success of their business, but ensures balance in their lives. Many believe multi-tasking is important to ensure they can get everything done. One of the best consultants […]

Secrets from the Management Consultant: Vision

My friend Dan is one of the most effective management consultants I’ve ever worked with. I still remember the day I watched him work magic by asking a client, “What does it look like when it’s done?” The client sat quietly for a minute, then started to talk about where he wanted his business to […]

Learnings from the Management Consultant: If You Have a Question – Ask!

The fourth and final agreement in The Four Agreements, the book by Don Miguel Ruiz that spells out four agreements you make with yourself that, if followed, have a profound effect upon how you live your life and the influence other people have on you is “If you have a question – ask.” When I […]

Learnings from the Management Consultant: Nothing Anyone Else Does is About You!

The first time I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz this was the agreement that had the most profound effect on me. I read it several times before it started to sink in. If nothing anyone else did was about me, what in the world was I thinking when I tried to guilt […]