Is Starting a Business Really the Answer?

In the early 2000’s, Daniel Burrus, the author of Technotrends (Burrus, 1993) was a guest on my radio show, The Executive Toolbox.   As I got to know him during the pre-interview process, I realized he was one of the happiest people I’d ever met. I asked him to what he attributed his deep sense ofContinue reading “Is Starting a Business Really the Answer?”

Why Start a Business?

Small businesses and the success of those businesses are essential for our economy and a game changer for anyone who starts and operates one. Starting a business can be the answer if: You’re unemployed   Even with our economic recovery there are still, as of this writing, 9.5 million people in the United States who areContinue reading “Why Start a Business?”

There are a Lot of Reasons to Spend only $1,000 Starting a Business.

It limits your financial exposure while you decide if you really want to be in that business. It forces you to go through the whole cycle and get to running the business, or as I call it, ‘Rinse and Repeat’ before you invest additional time and money. It allows you to learn and understand everyContinue reading “There are a Lot of Reasons to Spend only $1,000 Starting a Business.”