$1,000 Start-Ups – 2020 Launch Update

Where We Started In April 2020, Leah Ward-Lee, serial entrepreneur and author of $1,000 Start-Ups, and Tony Lee, business owner and author of The Bartender’s Guide to Financial Freedom, were looking for a way to help during the Covid-19 epidemic. They decided to offer Zoom courses and up to a $1,000 business start-up funding to […]

Conduct A Competitive Analysis

Why Every Start-Up Should Conduct a Competitive Analysis When you’re launching a low-cost business start-up it’s tough not to be overwhelmed by the number of steps required just to get your product to market. Taking the time to conduct a competitive analysis can seem like a waste of time.   However, you have the advantage of […]


Fernandina Beach Residents Tony Lee and Leah Ward-Lee are offering their courses FREE on Zoom. If you follow the curriculum and complete both courses, your business start-up will be funded up to $1,000. Tony, who has been in the service industry for twenty years, wrote The Bartender’s Guide to Financial Freedom: How to Quit Being […]

Expect Your Business to Be Successful

One of the most important personal practices you can develop is to expect that your business will be successful.  Believing you’ll succeed changes your approach to everything you do whether you’re starting a new business or growing an existing one. Expecting Success Affects How You See Yourself and How Others See You When you expect […]