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$1,000 Start-Ups was written to encourage readers to start their own businesses by providing the information needed to do it inexpensively and on their own terms.   The book shows how to start a business for less than $1,000, provides 60 examples, and a blueprint to start each one.  It provides the information needed to make the decision and dispels the five myths that can stop people from even trying. 

The book does more than describe the sixty businesses.  It provides information regarding what specialized and general knowledge is needed and how each business makes money.  It provides a blueprint for starting each of the businesses and how to market that business to find customers.  It goes on to describe what a “Day in the Life of” that business owner entails as well as the start-up and recurring costs.  To ensure the information is credible, the author talked with business owners and researched each business so that sage advice and additional resources could be provided for each business.

There are also the tools needed to get started including: 

  • how to write a business plan,
  • how to establish a business and the types of business structures,
  • how to keep basic business financial records,
  • and how to develop a marketing plan. 

The book also includes an index of hundreds of additional resources for more information.

Written by Leah Ward-Lee, a retired US Army Officer who has been in business since 1998 as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies and a self-described serial micro-entrepreneur, this 520-page book is available in print and kindle editions. 

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