The Executive Toolbox: Listening

In the early days of cable systems a bus interface unit was placed between a remote dumb terminal and the network with a corresponding unit placed at the other end between the network and the mainframe computer. Much like people, these units couldn’t transmit and receive information at the same time.

Yet we’re all guilty of doing just that. How often are we so intent on getting our message across that we fail to listen to what the other person is saying? How often are we processing what we’re going to say next, or do next and not present in the moment?

We’ve all been shopping for a product or service and a shop owner or salesperson doesn’t ask what we want or need but instead launches into a diatribe describing their product or service.

Because listening seems to be a lost art, it distinguishes those who take the time to listen from those who don’t. Cultivating the quality and practicing it as you would any skill you want to master is an enabler of success.