Increasing Your Revenue: More Time for Sales by Outsourcing Production

If you found out there was a company who could produce your product for less than you could, would you hire them to do it for you?

Wait a minute, you say … since I’m not yet in the position to pay MYSELF for the hours I spend producing my product, no one can produce my product for less than I can.

However, if the time you spend producing your product is measured in terms of the trade-off associated with the lost opportunity cost of time spent SELLING your product or developing new product ideas, you might consider it differently.

Your next consideration would be the set-up cost or lot size requirements most fabrication or production houses charge. Enter Etsy. Yes … that Etsy. The website where you can set up shop to sell your handmade items. They have expanded the concept and now have shops for manufacturers.

Whether your product is apparel or textiles, jewelry and metalwork, printing or requires machining or fabrication they have manufacturers who have set up shop. You just go to and enter what you need and they provide a list of manufacturers who meet that criteria.

It could potentially be the revenue increasing solution your start up is seeking.