Increasing Your Revenue: Expanding Your Presence Along Your Value Chain

It’s no surprise to any entrepreneur that when your business is a start-up you have to operate along the full value chain. In other words you have to master and perfect every single step in the value chain.

You define and build the product or service, market it, sell it, produce it, deliver it, and rinse and repeat.

If you’re a starting writer you write the book, edit it, format it, build the cover, publish it, and market it through the sales channels you develop.

If you’re a manufacturer, you design the product; source, purchase, and receive the raw materials; manage your inventory, complete the assembly, market it, sell it, ship it, and so on.

Along the way you learn to do one of those steps really well, hopefully enjoy doing it, and realize there are other people either in your business or a related business who might pay you to do that for them.

For example, a writer learns to edit really well, and increases his revenue by editing other writer’s work; a manufacturer masters a complicated assembly process and offers that service to other manufacturers.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your revenue is there a built-in opportunity to leverage what you do to help other business owners?