Setting Yourself Up for Success: The Frugal Entrepreneur

Put away that credit card Matilda! You really don’t need to buy that x*&#$ right now.

As part of starting your business you developed a budget. (If you didn’t, do it today.) That budget listed everything you believed you needed to get started.

However, after dutifully registering your business the offers and EMAILS started to arrive! You’ll been bombarded with catalogues, offers of every type of business service imaginable, business cards and stationary, insurance, and – trust me on this – these businesses know how to make you think your business will not survive without their product.

You might, at some point, decide you need one these products or services to GROW your business, but you took the time and did the research and you know you don’t really need what is being advertised to get started.

Every service or product you buy uses not only your start-up financial capital, but your time. Not only the time it takes to make the purchase but the time to do whatever you were going to do with it.

Let necessity be the driver: only buy what you absolutely need when you absolutely need it.

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