Staying the Course: Don’t Let What You Don’t Know Get in Your Way

More often than not when I develop a plan to reach a goal there are steps in that plan that I have no idea how to do. What I’ve learned over time is to not let that get in the way of developing the plan, but more importantly, not to let it get in the way of executing the plan.

Typically when I get close to that step in executing the plan I’ll either meet someone who knows how to do that task and can show me (or better yet do it for me) or I figure it out myself.

Much has been written on the ‘synchronicity phenomena’, which is described as the right person (or thing) showing up in the right place at the right time because by thinking about something and expecting it to arrive when you need it, your energy draws it to you. Some folks believe this and others think it’s far-fetched.

Let me offer ‘focus’ as an alternative explanation.   I’ve found when I’m focused on something, I read about it, think about it, and talk about it with my friends and colleagues. Invariably, I either find something written or someone who knows someone who can show me how to do what I need to do. Had I not needed the information or thing I was looking for I probably would have not been reading about or talking about it and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been listening when someone mentioned it in passing conversation.

Here’s an example. I was very close to finishing the final revision of $1,000 Start-Ups and really needed to find a good photographer to do an updated author’s photo. I was at a party that included many of my neighbors. We were all getting acquainted and when the spotlight was on me I mentioned the book and the fact I was looking for a good photographer.   Jerry, who lives two doors down, is a full time city manager, has a small business as a photographer, and ended up taking the pictures. Given all the topics we could have talked about, the fact that he was a photographer might never have come up in that conversation.

I’m willing to bet you have examples like that in your own life. Use those as examples that give you the confidence that when you get to that step in reaching your goal, the help you’ll need will be there.