Start Your Business Without Leaving Your Job: Ideas for an Admin Assistant

Yesterday I enjoyed a conversation with a brave woman from England who moved to the states with her husband. She left family and friends to move for his career, only to have the marriage dissolve when she’d been here long enough that it made better sense to start over here than go back to England.

She found a job as an administrative assistant with a good company that she can’t afford to quit, but is really was looking for something more intellectually and financially satisfying.

After a few minutes of brainstorming, here are five ideas she can try:

Appointment Setter: She could contact tradesman who have small businesses and offer to schedule their appointments and do make the telephone calls every evening,

Editor: She could articles for local periodicals or writers (and advertise on Craigslist).

Non-Fiction Writer: She could select one of her many interests, develop a set of articles and market them to magazines and websites who are looking for that content.

Personal Assistant: She could spend two hours each evening running client’s errands.

Transcriptionist: She could transcribe the dictation of medical report or court proceedings.

Many of us who want to start a business have that same dilemma. How to start our business, get it up and running, build a client or customer base, but keep our fulltime job until there’s enough income from the business to make the transition.

I’ll bet you can come up with five ideas of what you could do to get your business started.  Please share them with us.

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