The deal changer that puts you in control of your life

Welcome to the $1,000 Start-Ups Community where we believe:

  • Owning and operating a successful business is THE deal changer that puts you in control of your destiny.
  • Spending less than $1,000 to get a business started you get to ‘try out’ a business and see if it fits and determine if it will be financially viable while limiting your financial exposure. 
  • With only $1,000 to spend you learn every aspect of the business because you have to do everything yourself the first time.  This puts you in the position to be able to train the people you hire as your business grows.
  • Whatever your situation … you, and only you, have the power to change your life.

Are you:

  • One of those people with an entrepreneurial spirit who have a business idea but not a lot of money to put into a business?
  • Retired?  More and more retirees look forward to retirement as an opportunity to be their own boss and start a business.  Additionally, the number of retirees whose lifestyle is negatively affected by their change in income gets higher every year.  Even for the financially stable, investing a large amount to start a business is disconcerting.  This book shows how to do it inexpensively.
  • Working Full-Time but Can’t Get Ahead?  The debate over raising the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 or $14,500 per year is not going to end any time soon.   Even if it is raised, as it has been in Washington, DC and 22 other states, it will have a domino effect – unless other government programs raise the limits on the means tests they currently use.  If you’re in this group, you already have the energy and drive to go to work and a job to go to.  This book provides them the information they need to start their business at a cost that’s within their reach and can inspire the confidence they need to get started.
  • Recently Unemployed?  As most of us have experienced, losing your job is devastating.  If you’re lucky, you have a severance package and/or savings that can pay your living expenses while you find another job (or start a business).  If not, find a part-time job to pay the bills.  In this situation you’re probably reticent or unable to make the large investment you believe starting a business will require.  You don’t need a $1,000 to get started.
  • Still Unemployed?  Our welfare system, coupled with a low minimum wage, has created a system where it can be economically disadvantageous to get a job.  Our society not only rewards people for not working, it implies nothing is expected of you have nothing to contribute.  We believe, if you’re healthy you have something to contribute.  You can prove that to yourself and your naysayers by starting your own business.
  • Currently or Formerly Incarcertated?  It’s tough to turn your life around when you have a record.  As a business owner you don’t get asked if you have a prison record and you can start learning how right here.

Whatever your reason is for starting and growing a business … we’re glad you’re here!